Chair - Joe Sweeney

Joe was elected in 2012 when he was 18 years old, and would serve as the youngest legislator in the nation for the next two years as he completed his first term. Seeing the lack of youth involved in politics and the status of being in the Minority party around the New Hampshire House, Joe formed Granite Solutions PAC, which sought to elect Fiscal Conservatives to the New Hampshire House.  Joe used the organization to support young Republican candidates throughout the state, and developed a rapport with state party staffers and activists, playing a crucial role in several close, decisive elections. Republicans would go on to take back the New Hampshire House in 2014. While doing all of this, Joe ran for my second term in 2014 as he was pursuing a degree in Political Science at the University of New Hampshire. There, he helped start a Fraternity, Phi Mu Delta, where he would work up the chain to become Chapter President.  He also became very involved in the Student Senate, becoming a conservative Student Body President at a typically liberal campus during his junior year. In April of 2015, he was one of 10 Undergraduates of Distinction from the North-American Interfraternity Conference, an organization comprised of 74 inter/national Fraternities throughout North America, representing tens of thousands of undergraduate students.

Vice-Chair - Ben Tasker

‍‍‍Ben Tasker is from Concord and ran against the former Majority Leader of the NH House and current Minority Leader of the NH House in 2014, where he was close to unseating his opponent but fell short by 120 votes. Ben had the highest vote totals within Concord for any Republican. Ben also started a business when he was 17 that genetically alters honeybees, which has now expanded to a national operation of 26 bee farms, shipping over a million beehives a year.

Treasurer - Zachary Montanaro

‍Zachary Montanaro worked on Marilinda Garcia’s congressional campaign in 2014 and worked for Donald Trump’s successful presidential campaign. Zach is tapped into a valuable network of Republican activists, officials, and volunteers. Zach has a deep understanding of New Hampshire’s political leadership and is one of New Hampshire’s rising politicos.

National Committeewoman - Yvonne Dean-Bailey

Yvonne Dean-Bailey worked on Marilinda Garcia’s 2014 Congressional Campaign as her first official foray into state politics. Earlier in 2015 she answered the call and ran for State Representative in a special election caused by a vacancy. She quickly established herself as a Young Republican rock star, getting endorsements and support from people and groups across the State.  Yvonne secured the nomination and went head to head in a floterial district against a former Democratic representative. Not only did Yvonne go on to win, but she held her own in her opponent’s hometown and dominated in her home town. Yvonne joined the New Hampshire House as one of the youngest legislators in the nation. She accomplished all of this by the age of 19.