We are fielding more young Republican candidates for office than ever before. We have currently identified 50+ young Republican candidates for State Representative, as well as candidates for Congress, county office, State Senate, and Republican convention delegate throughout the Granite State. We are excited to get to work to elect them. When we elect a large number of young Republicans to the state legislature this November, New Hampshire will increase efforts to expand school choice and pursue pro-economic policies that have empowered so much opportunity for young professionals and families in the Granite State. Young conservatives are fired up and energized to run for office, and with the strong leadership of the nation’s youngest governor, Chris Sununu, young Republicans in New Hampshire are excited to win and lead.

Congressional: State Senate Candidates:  County Candidates:
NH-02 - Robert Burns (In a primary) District 10 - Dan LeClair 

Merrimack County Attorney:

Nicole Schultz-Price (In a primary)

  District 09 - Dan Hynes (In a primary)

Rockingham County Register of Probate:

Ray Tweedie


Strafford County Treasurer: 

Periklis Karoutas


Sullivan County Commissioner District 01:

Jeremy Herrell


State Representative Candidates:

Belknap 2 Deanna Jurius
Carroll 2 Billy Cuccio
Cheshire 9 Christopher Mazerall
Cheshire 13 Chester LaPointe
Grafton 7 Tiffany Johnson
Hillsborough 2 David Recupero
Hillsborough 6 Joe Alexander
Hillsborough 7 Bart Fromuth
Hillsborough 8 Andrew Fromuth
Hillsborough 10 Holly Beene Seal
Hillsborough 10 Daniel Heck
Hillsborough 11 Colin Gibson
Hillsborough 11 Michael Leviss
Hillsborough 15 Angel Brisson
Hillsborough 18 Joshua Holmes
Hillsborough 18 Brittany Ping
Hillsborough 19 Patrick Sweeney
Hillsborough 21 Lindsay Tausch
Hillsborough 24 Jackson Piscopo
Hillsborough 25 Tim Merlino
Hillsborough 28 Tom Lanzara
Hillsborough 37 Andrew Prout
Hillsborough 37 Jared Stevens
Hillsborough 22 Scott Courtemanche
Hillsborough 42 Phillip Harris
Hillsborough 43 Michael Garcia
Hillsborough 43 Jason Hodgdon
Hillsborough 22 Jason Hennessey
Hillsborough 20 Stephanie Lambert
Merrimack 8 Robert Forsythe
Merrimack 11 Kevin Miller
Merrimack 23 Christopher Fox
Merrimack 28 Andrew Georgevits
Merrimack 22 Matthew Pitaro
Rockingham 1 Brian Stone
Rockingham 2 Tom Butkiewicz
Rockingham 3 Michael Costable
Rockingham 7 Joseph Plonski
Rockingham 7 Joel Desilets
Rockingham 8 Luke Mroz
Rockingham 8 Daryl Abbas
Rockingham 17 Harrison De Bree
Rockingham 33 Josh Yokela
Strafford 1 Abigail Rooney
Strafford 13 Patrick Coleman
Strafford 15 Collin Coppinger
Sullivan 1 Virginia Drye
Sullivan 2 Gates Lucas
Sullivan 10 Conlin Smith

We have countless other young Republicans running for county office and delegate to the State Convention - young Republicans in New Hampshire are energized and excited to lead this fall!

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